Matchbox 1/72 Percival Provost (PK.30) build

This post features the Matchbox 1/72 Percival Provost T.Mk1 (PK.30) build. It is also a trip down memory lane, as I recall building this kit when I was a child.

This kit was another Ebay find, and must have been at a good price, as I would not be up for paying silly prices for a model kit.

Considering it’s age, it was a nice little kit to build, even if it does lack some detail in the cockpit. A bit similar to the Sea Harrier kit, basic but builds into a nice little scale replica.

What was a big surprise, is how well the decals performed. I was expecting them to break up as soon as they came off the backing paper. There was a little bit of that with the decals that went on the engine cowling, but the others behaved well.

The biggest surprise was the decals that went on the wing leading edges. They reacted great with Micro Set and Sol. Any issues with them was down to my clumsy handling.

With each build that I do, my goals at present are to hide any seam lines and generally try to get a blemish free finish. I’m very pleased that on this build, a lot of that did happen. Fingers crossed that I can continue to improve in this area.

One area that does require some work, and that is with masking canopies. All good when you get masks supplied with the kit (Eduard springs to mind here). I guess it’s the usual, practice makes perfect, well maybe not perfect, but hopefully better.

Matchbox 1/72 Percival Provost (PK.30) build photos

Matchbox 1/72 Percival Provost (PK.30) finished photos

Matchbox 1/72 Percival Provost

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