Eduard ‘Overtrees’

I was browsing the Eduard website, as you do, and kept seeing ‘overtrees’ being featured for sale. Was kind of puzzled as to what Eduard ‘overtrees’ are, so did some digging.

Eduard website screen capture
Eduard website screen capture showing MiG-15 and ‘Overtrees’.

Basically they are model kits that do not have any instructions, decals or PE parts. So what is the purpose of the kits?

Most of the Eduard kits come with quite a good election of markings. Take for example this MiG-15.

Eduard MiG-15 1/72 model kit box art.
Click on the image to see kit on Eduard site.

This kit (got this one in my stash), comes with a selection of 5 different marking schemes.

Or for example this MiG-15.

Click on the image to see kit on Eduard site.

This particular kit comes with 4 different marking options. As a side note, very tempted to add this one to my stash!
So if you have both kits in your stash, you have 9 different schemes to make. What if you want to do a third MiG-15 based on one of the kits above?

Well if you purchase another one, you would end up with duplicate decal sets and instructions! This is where the ‘overtrees’ come in. Just purchase an overtree of the MiG-15, and re-use the instructions and left over decals!

Quite a simple idea, but quite ingenious I think! Of course, you need to be quick, as Eduard only produce a small selection of overtrees kits.

Anyway, what do you think, is this something you would use? Would you like to see other model companies doing the same?

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