Gloster Meteor – A look at Flightcraft’s book

This is a quick look at Flightcraft’s – Gloster Meteor book, or the full title ‘Gloster Meteor in British service‘.

Personally I have not come across Flightcraft books before. However having received some Amazon gift cards at Christmas, I thought I’d buy a couple.

The first book I got was for the Gloster Meteor, my first impressions are very positive. The Flightcraft books are aimed at model makers. This was an attraction for me, as I have some 1/72 Meteors plus a 1/48 in the stash. (See my Something old something new blog post).

You get 96 pages packed with very useful information. It’s probably easier for me to break I down into sections:

  • The Gloster F.9/40
  • Meteor F.1
  • Meteor F.3
  • Meteor F.4
  • Meteor T.7
  • Meteor F.8
  • Photographic Reconnanissance
  • The Night Fighters: NF11/13 & NF12/14
  • Targets, Tugs and RN Meteors
  • British Meteor Miscellany
  • CEV Flight Test Centre Meteors
  • Meteor Camouflage and Markings
  • The Meteor in colour
  • Modelling the Meteor
  • Appendices

Each Chapter for each mark are a couple of pages long, but with lots of photos.

The colour profiles (22 pages) cover 39 different aircraft.

The model section lists kits in 1/144, 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 scale.

First Published in 2017, so obviously does not include any kits released since then. However you will find 30+ model kits listed. Plus a small section about conversion parts.

Following the above is 8 pages of photographs of completed kits to inspire you.

Paper and printing of photographs and artwork quality is very good.

Above all if you are looking for some Meteor build inspiration, then I can highly recommend this book.

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