Soviet cockpit green

So lets talk about Soviet cockpit green and what paint colour I plan to use for my Soviet builds that require the odd green colour.

After looking around for a suitable turquoise colour, especially online. I found that every time I went to order it, it was sold out etc.

It became obvious that it was time to think “out side of the box”. This led me to investigating the Citadel range of paints. Citadel give their colours some very unique and fascinating names. So the name is not always a good indicator of what the colour maybe.

After searching their paint range, I came across Citadel Technical Waystone Green. It’s close enough for me, especially when it will have a dark wash and then some lighter colour dry brushing applied. Being at 1/72 scale, and in a tiny cockpit area, you are not really going to be able to tell.

Citadel Wyastone Green paint - jetsofTheColdWar
Citadel Wyastone Green paint – jetsofTheColdWar

I did post about this on Twitter (via my @ColdWarJets account), and had a very interesting and positive response with regards to using this colour.

Twitter chat about Soviet green cockpit colour!

For me, this hobby is about enjoying the build. I don’t stress too much about colours. As long as they are close enough, then I’m a happy model maker.

That may change over time. But for now, getting a nice clean build, no gaps, seam lines , nice paint/varnish finish is my main goal.

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