My top 10 Airfix Vintage Classics wish list – Aviation

I have to start this blog with a confession, I’m an Airfix Fan Boy, well closer to middle age than boy! So putting together ‘My top 10 Airfix Vintage Classics wish list – aviation’ seemed like an obvious blog post.

Airfix were my models of choice growing up in the 70’s. In the 80’s and 90’s I had found Matchbox kits and the occasional exotic Japanese manufacture. But the bulk of my builds would have been Airfix, followed by Matchbox.

Each year, Airfix tease us with brand new releases, which is fantasic. They also do re-runs of some of their older kits, in the guise of ‘Vintage Classics’.

So I thought it would be fun to put together my top 10 Airfix Vintage Classics wish list – aviation (that hints at another list at some point).

In no particular order, the list is:

1. Bristol Belvedere

Image of the Airfix 1/72 Bristol 192 Belvedere model box illustration.

First released in 1959, this is not a kit that I have ever made. But it fits in well with my Cold War theme and will have been one of those kits that I would have loved as a child, but it was out of my pocket money range. Airfix don’t have many helicopters in their range at the moment, so this would make a nice addition.

2. De Havilland Chipmunk

Image of the Airfix 1/72 de Havilland Chipmunk model box illustration.
Released in 1969 and the last one in 2012, so hopefully again in 2022! I currently have, and working on the new 1/48 scale version. But a little 1/72 would be perfect for my Cold War collection. Again, not one that I built as a child, probably because it wasn’t WW2 or a fighting aircraft.

3. Hawker Hunter F.6

Image of the Airfix 1/72 Hawker Hunter F.6 model box illustration.

A kit from 1960. Now this one I have built in the past and in the Black Arrows scheme. I’m surprised that Airfix don’t currently have this in their line up, as it would make a great addition to their Cold War section of their site. I do wonder, now that Airfix have their own 1:1 version of a Hunter, if we will see this re-released in 2022?

4. SA 330 Puma

Image of the Airfix 1/72 SA 330 Puma model box illustration.
Dating from 1973 and last released in 2004(?). Certainly one that I would have as an addition to my Cold War collection. As mentioned with the Belvedere, I’m surprised Airfix don’t currently have this out in the Vintage Classic range. They need more helicopters in their catalogue.

5. Scottish Aviation Bulldog

Image of the Airfix 1/72 SA Bulldog model box illustration.
First released in 1973 and last released in 2000. Like the DH Chipmunk, a very important aircraft for the RAF during the Cold War period. Airfix currently have the Jet Provost, Gnat and Hawk in their line up, so the Chipmunk and Bulldog would be filling in some missing gaps in the early stage training aircraft. Oh, and if it was re-released with the Swedish scheme, I’d be a very happy model maker. It would also make a good partner for my Vampire build.

6. Westland Scout

Image of the Airfix 1/72 Westland Scout model box illustration.

First released by Airfix in 1966, and I do remember trying to build this as an 8 year old. Needed some help from my dad if I recall correctly! The Scout and Wasp are 2 helicopters that have been neglected by model companies, so it would be great if Airfix would re-release this little kit.

7. Westland Lynx

Image of the Airfix 1/72 Westland Lynx model box illustration.
A 1976 release by Airfix. Helicopters are featuring quite a bit in my top 10 Airfix Vintage Classics wish list – Aviation. Like the Scout above, a Navy version of the Lynx would also be very welcome. Quite an important helicopter asset for GB and NATO during the Cold War period.

8. Saab Draken

Image of the Airfix 1/72 Saab Draken model box illustration.
Dating back to a 1971 release, I do recall building this. Such a futuristic looking aircraft and a must for a Cold War collection.

9. Saab Viggen

Image of the Airfix 1/72 Saab Viggen model box illustration.
Released as the same year as the Draken. If I have the Draken in my list, then I can’t not have the Viggen. Both of these aircraft are very distinctive and would go well with my little collection of Swedish Cold War aircraft, which currently includes the Vampire and Spitfire

10. Bristol Bloodhound

Image of the Airfix 1/76 Bristol Bloodhound model box illustration.
Dating back to a 1961 release date, it’s quite old, but a wonderful kit. Yes I made this kit as a child. Loved the fact that it came with a
Land Rover, trailer and figures. I’m sure this would sell like hot cakes if Airfix did re-release it.

“If Only” addition – SAM-2

Image of the Airfix 1/76 SAM-2n model box illustration.
This kit came out in 1973 and is now lost to us, as the molds have since been lost. As this is my ‘wish list’, I thought I’d add it, because don’t we all wish we could get our hands on this kit. Maybe time for Airfix to team up with ICM and see if they can put their heads together to produce this again?

Final thoughts

In an ideal world, all the kits above would be created as new models. But I guess Airfix are not in a position to create new molds for all their vintage kits. I do like that Airfix make it clear which kits are from their Vintage Classics range. Also I think they are quite smart with their marketing of these kits. They appear have worked out who their customers are and who to market them to, i.e. me, the middle aged model maker who looks back with nostalgia on their childhood model making.

Fingers crossed that some of my wish list is released over the next few year.

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