Revell 1/72 PT-76B

This Revell 1/72 PT-76B kit was purchased from Trago Mills (a big warehouse type shopping centre based in South West England. It was a bit of an impulse buy, but one that I was happy to add to my stash.

One nice pleasant surprise was the photo etch parts. This PT-76 would be my first build to include photo etch.

One not so nice part was the tracks. I had some issues trying to bend them to shape. in hindsight, I should have made use of some hot water to help make them softer for bending. Oh well, we learn something new with each build.

There is a choice of decal markings for a NVA (East German Army), or Soviet Navel infantry included with the kit. I decided to go with the NVA option. At some point I’ll build the ICM 1/72 BTR-60 to go with it. Of course I would then need to get some Elhiem NVA Motor Infantry to go with them.

Being a 1/72 kit it was a bit of a fiddly build (well that is 1/72 scale for you!). Bending PE was a new experience or me. But the look of the PE parts certainly look more in scale.

The kit contains some very small parts that need to be attached to the sides of the upper part of the hull. One or two did ping off in ton the carpet, never to be seen again. I also replaced a couple of tie down hoops with bent fuse wire.

The majority of the build went well. If I was to build another Revell 1/72 PT-76B, I would attach the running gear before priming and painting. The attachment points for the running gear are quite small. It was quite a fiddly job to attach them later in the build.

Coupled with the issues I had with the tracks mentioned above, the last part of the build was a bit frustrating. However, that is down more to my lack of skill.

Revell 1/72 PT-76B build in pictures

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