ICM 1:72 BTR-60PB unboxing

Just a very quick video of the ICM 1:72 BTR-60PB (unboxing) Armoured Personnel Carrier.

Box art for the ICM 1:72 BTR-60PB APC.

I ordered the kit online and purchased it from https://www.modelhobbies.co.uk/ with no issues and a quick turnaround.

This is my first ICM kit and I was happy with the quality of the moulds and detail on the kit. The BTR-60PB will go very well with the Elhiem Soviet Motor Rifle figures that I painted previously.

I’ve always liked the look of the BTR-60n APC. It just looks right and is certainly an iconic symbol of Soviet and Warsaw Pact, rugged but simple equipment.

ICM 1:72 BTR-60PB unboxing video

I’m looking forward to building this kit as it will be a great addition to my growing Cold War collection of model kits. I hope that when I build it, I can do it justice and produce a reasonable looking replica.

Looking at the ICM catalogue they also do a couple of BTR-152 APC’s and a selection of Soviet trucks such as the ZiL-157, ZiL -131, URAL-4320 and the URAL 375 including variations of the above trucks.

Talking of the variations on the trucks, I see that currently (February 2021), ICM have four fuel tanker kits. Two certainly look like they would sit nicely on an airfield display (going by what is on the box art).

I can certainly see myself getting some more ICM vehicles to add to my stash, and hopefully at some point built and on display!

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