Paint storage rack

I’ve had a bit of a move around of my model making area. This little exercise made me realise that I needed to find a better way to store my model paints, I needed a paint storage rack.

The collection of paints that I have is a mixture of from Tamiya, Vallejo, Hataka and Mig.

This also includes some Vallejo washes, so a good mixture of bottle sizes.

My first consideration was to look at the wood alternatives that a lot of people seem to be using. The benefit of these is that they are modular.

The reviews of the wooden products did not seem very encouraging. Factoring in that at present I don’t require the modular system. Plus the price seemed quite steep for what seems to be quite flimsy wood!

This then lead me to look at the alternatives offered by the nail varnish world. And I came across this rack which was in my price range.

It is the ‘Benbilry Acrylic Nail Polish Organiser 6 Tier Clear Nail Polish Holder 66 Bottles Essential Oils Organiser Shelves Display Rack Stand(6 Tiers)

The rack arrived quickly from Amazon, was easy to put together, took about 10 minutes. It is very sturdy and looks nice and neat.

The best part is that it holds all my various paints (see photos below).

Paint storage rack - front view.
Paint storage rack - right side view.
Paint storage rack - left side view.
Paint storage rack - front eye level view.

As you can see, it holds Tamiya paint pots, Vallejo, Hataka and Mig paint bottles, Vallejo washes, Microscale bottles and Mr Color paint pots with no issues.

A row can hold:

  • 12 Vallejo/Hataka style bottles or 72 in total
  • 8 Tamiya style paint pots or 48 in total

My plan is to purchase a second one. My paint collection has a good number of Vallejo paints that need to be in easy reach. What I have done with this rack, is put out the paints that I’m currently using the most.

Oh, if you are wondering what the ‘T’ is that I’ve written on the Tamiya paints, it’s to remind me that they have been thinned.

Anyway, hope you found this blog post useful.

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