Airfix 1:72 BAe Hawk T.Mk.1A

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My original plan for this blog about the Airfix 1:72 BAe Hawk T.Mk.1A, was for it to be a build log. I did start off taking photos of the build process. However, due to my slowness in building the model. Plus I would work on small bits in small chunks of time. Because of this, I did not take photos of the later stages.

So this blog will be more about showing off the finished build. I will say, that I am actually quite pleased with the result. Yes there is always room for improvement. But I’m quite proud of this build.

Overall the kit was quite easy to build, and really should not have taken as long as it did.

One of the features I did like about the Airfix 1:72 BAe Hawk T.Mk.1A is the two pilot figures. These figures come with separate arms, so this gave me an opportunity to get a little creative.

Pilot figures in the Airfix 1:72 BAe Hawk T.Mk.1A by Jets of the Cold War.

As you can see, I also removed their heads and repositioned them. The idea is they are both giving a wave or thumbs up to ground crew.

The only really big issue I had during the construction was adding the part 13 (section 7) in the cockpit area. I must have placed the cockpit tub slightly too high. I had to do a lot of trimming and sanding of plastic at the end of the build in the cockpit area to get it to fit, plus to allow the cockpit canopy to sit correctly. Even after all that work, the canopy still does not sit flush on the right hand side of the model.

Airfix 1:72 BAe Hawk instructions for the cockpit assembly. Jets of the Cold War.

Apart from that issue with the cockpit tub and canopy, the rest of the build went very well.

The painting went really well. Paints used included Hataka A217 BS Light Aircraft Grey, Tamiya XF81 Green 2 (RAF) and Tamiya XF54 Dark Sea Grey.

I have another Airfix Hawk in my stash, but it is the Red Arrows version. However looking at the instructions, it is exactly the same kit, just minus the weapons. So I will be building another Cold War hawk, but will just need to source some weapons (possibly from Air-Graphics Models) and decals (Hannants are good for these).

Airfix 1:72 BAe Hawk T.Mk.1A – build photos

Airfix 1:72 BAe Hawk T.Mk.1A – finished model

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