BAOR British Infantry 1:72

Elhiem BOAR British Infantry 1:72 scale and the Airfix Landrover.

A follow on from my previous blog post (Quick look at Elhiem 1:72 (20mm) figures). I take a quick look at the Elhiem BAOR British Infantry 1:72 scale (BAOR08 British skirmishing with SLRs).

I’ve managed to get some bench time and painted this set. I think they came out looking OK.

Started with a coat of Halfords grey car primer.

Elhiem 1:72 primed with Halfords car primer.

To prime the figures, I used Halfords car primer, as it is designed to cover metal surfaces. The primer is ideal for giving a great base for the next stage.

Looking at each figure in turn of the BAOR British Infantry 1:72

Elhiem 1:72 BAOR British infantry.

This figure is kneeling at the ready. Very pleased with how the DPM looks on this one.

Elhioem 1:72 BAOR British infantry figure.

Rifleman taking aim with his SLR. Again very happy with the DPM at such a small scale.

Elhiem BAOR British infantry 1:72.

Posed as to be shielding his eyes while he peers into the distance. Probably just noticed some T62’s and BMP1’s heading in his direction!

Elhiem British Infantry 1:72

This figure shows how well the webbing is done at this scale. It includes his respirator bag on his hip. two kidney pouches with groundsheet rolled up below those.

BAOR British Infantry 1:72 from Elhiem Miniatures.

Final thoughts about the BAOR British Infantry 1:72

I have to say, I’m really impressed with these figures. They are not perfect, some of the facial expressions are a bit odd. However, at this scale that is something I can live with.

The important part is, is that they look like British Infantry from the period. I also really like the natural poses of the figures. No over exaggerated limb positions, and they look purposeful.

The detail is also very well done. I can tell they have ’58 webbing’ on. The SLR’s look like SLR’s. Just be careful when trimming the flash, not to cut the muzzle off the SLR’s (like I did with the standing rifleman). Because the detail is so good, it makes it much easier to paint.

I highly recommend the Elhiem figures. For more information about their range of figures, you will need to visit their website

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