Italeri Land Rover 109 LWB Project

Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted any blog posts, so this Italeri Land Rover 109 LWB project should hopefully get my building mojo back.

Actually, It’s not been a mojo problem, just one of time.

So why a 1/35 Land Rover I hear you ask? It was all down to an impulse buy, encouraged by my lovely wife. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Landy. In fact even looked about buying an old series 3 many years ago, that didn’t happen, but that’s another story.

We had popped in to Hobby Craft, just to look around, and they had a couple on the shelf. Wasn’t going to get one, but I kept going back to it. Long story short, it’s now in the stash, with some encouragement from my wife.

Italeri 1/35 Land Rover 109 LWB box art.

Of course, it fits in with the Cold War theme, but just in a scale I’ve not done for many many years. Don’t recall building many 1/35 vehicles, plenty of figures, just not vehicles.

On the plus side, not too many parts, so not too daunting.

Kit contents of the Italeri 1/35 Land Rover 109 LWB kit.

I mentioned over on my Facebook page (JetsOfTheColdWar) that I’d picked the kit up. I was advised the the wheels are incorrect in having 6 wheel nuts and not 5. Plus the wheel details is not very good. They suggested getting a replacement set from Accurate Armour.

So I ended up buying this set!

Accurate Armour replacement wheels for Series 2 and 3 Land Rovers.
Closer look at the Accurate Armour Land Rover Wheels.

So of course the other thing missing for this Italeri Land Rover 109 LWB project is some figures. There is not a lot of choice for British Army Cold War era figures in 1/35. However Firing Line (from do this great figure.

1/35 British Squady with his cuppa, ideal for my Italeri Land Rover 109 project.
Some excellent detail considering the size.

I also had to get the following book, as inspiration and also to help with some tips on building 1/35 Land Rovers. It is the Land Craft Land Rover book. Which I picked up from Amazon.

Awesome looking book!

I’ve not read it yet, just flicked through it and marvelled at the awesome Land Rover builds buy the author Ben Skipper.

I’ll admit, I’m procrastinating a bit with starting this, because it’s a little daunting. But I’m sure once I start I’ll enjoy the process!

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