Cold War armour in miniature

Revell 1:76 Challenger 1

I decided it was time to add some Cold War armour subjects to my Cold War in miniature collection.

Revell 1:76 Challenger 1 box art - Cold War armour in miniature.
Revell’s 1:76 Challenger 1 box art. Building the Cold War in miniature.

I liked the look of the Revell Challenger 1. It is from the old Matchbox range, so comes with a little display base, which is an added benefit.

So I plan to complete this one in the BAOR the scheme (Royal Hussars) which I believe is dated 1983/84. The Royal Hussars were the first unit to be equipped with the Challenger 1 in 1983.

However the kit does not come with any figures, so I will be using the armed figures from the old Airfix “NATO Ground Crew“.

Talking of Airfix, it will be interesting to see if they re-release any of their old armour kits as part of the “Vintage Classics” range.

The kits would be the Centurion tank, Chieftain tank and the Scorpion tank. These are a good representation British Cold War armour.

If Airfix also release the old JB models that they owned, that would be a welcome plus.

Other Revell Cold War armour in miniature include:

Did you know that a British Army Challenger 1 achieved the longest ranged confirmed kill of the 1991 Gulf war. Destroying an Iraqi tank at 4,700 metres with an APFSDS round.

The Royal Jordanian Army is also an operator of the Challenger 1, however with heavy modifications.

Challenger crews can have a brew with their “water boiling and ration heater”.

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