The Nam – in 1:72

The Nam – in 1:72, a little diorama project broken in to 3 parts.

This little project used some Elhiem figures that I reviewed in Quick look at Elhiem 1:72 (20mm) figures. In this case the NAM01 – US Army M16s Advancing set of four figures.

I also incorporated the two Geek Gaming products that I reviewed in the following YouTube video:

And an old JB Models kit, the M113 ACAV personnel carrier.

So I’ll break the post down in to 3 sections, to cover , the M113 build, figure painting and finally the base creation.

The Nam – in 1:72 – JB Models M113

I picked this kit up on Ebay many years ago for quite a cheap price. It just came in a bag with the instruction sheet and decals.

It is a very simple kit, designed more for war gaming than as a detailed kit. But it is the only M113 I have in my stash.

To help improve its appearance, and to give me a toe dip in to doing simple modifications I did the following.

  1. Replaced the triangular tie downs with some bent pieces of staples. The original parts were just lumps of plastic
  2. Created some sandbags from miliput, just to give the top of the carrier some interest
  3. Added a small wooden box, created from cut own coffee stirring sticks

After giving the parts a coat of primer, the carrier was painted Tamiya Olive Drab XF-62.

I then added some washes of Citadel Colour Agrax Earthshade This project was the first time that I have tried the Citadel washes, and I was quite impressed with how they worked.

As you can see, I did not add the turret for the 50 cal or the 2 M60’s. The shields for the M60’s were not very good. Plus it was a bit vague as to where they should be placed. I quite like it as a standard M113.

I also didn’t use the decals, as they had degraded quite a bit. I’m also on the look out for some crew figures to be placed on and in the vehicle. So still a work in progress!

The Nam – in 1:72 – The figures

As mentioned above, I picked these Elhiem figures up a few months ago. This is the third set that I have painted, I’m hoping that my figure painting skills are improving!

Painting these figures also gave me an excuse to try out some Citadel washes that I have purchased. The two that I have are Agrax Earthshade and Reikland Fleshshade I love how Citadel give their paints such exotic and fun names. Have to admit that I was impressed on how well they work as washes.

Looking at the photos, I should have given the figures a coat of matt varnish, as they are a little bit shiny. Oh well, we live and learn.

The Nam – in 1:72 – The base

Being on a bit of a budget at the moment, I can’t really justify spending lots on my hobby. So the base for this little diorama is a 4×6 inch photo frame from a B&M store. Think it was 3 in a set for a couple of £.

Steps taken for the base:

  1. Sealed the photo frame backing board with PVA glue
  2. Cut some polystyrene into a slight slope feature and glued this to the photo frame backing
  3. Gave the polystyrene a good coat of PVA
  4. Mixed PVA with DAS modelling clay and mushed this on to the backing board
  5. Decided where I wanted the figures placing and then superglued them to the base
  6. Attempted to cover the metal bases of the figures with the PVA/DAS mixture
  7. Once dried gave it all a coat of Humbrol 29 Dark Earth
  8. Gave the areas that I wanted the Geek Gaming Scenics to be on a good coat of PVA
  9. Sprinkled on the Geek Gaming Scenics. I used Tiaga Hillside for the flat and Mediterranean Soil on the slope
  10. Once the grass etc had dried. I gave it a spray of artist colourless fixative
  11. Using some twigs from the garden and some loose flock, created 3 ‘generic trees’

Overall, quite pleased with how the ground work came out.

The Nam – in 1:72 – Finished

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