New to the stash

New to the stash – Cold War

Takom Chieftain Mk11 + Chieftain Mk10 (1:72)

Takom Chieftain Mk11 + Chieftain Mk10 (1:72)
Takom 1:72 Chieftains

Had to start with this one as its the header photo! The Takom Chieftain Mk11 + Chieftain Mk10 in 1:72 (kit no 5006). I’ve been eyeing this kit up for some time now. But I’ve not always had the funds to justify getting it.

Well that all changed with getting an Amazon voucher for my birthday. I did still umm and ahh and getting it. But then I thought it would be an ideal purchase with the voucher.

Boy, I’m I glad I did purchase the kit. It cost me £26.57 (June 2021) which sounds like a lot of two 1:72 tanks. However, the kit also includes Photo Etch parts (my first kit with this). So really for £13 per tank with photo etch, I think is very reasonable. Especially considering the detail included on the kits for this scale.

You can see an unboxing video here on my YouTube channel.

Very excited to start this kit, think it will build in to some impressive miniatures.

Airfix Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG17F ‘Fresco’ [Shenyang J-5]

Airfix Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG17F 'Fresco' [Shenyang J-5] -Jets of the Cold War

I suppose this one does not come as a shock, as the MiG-17 was a very common aircraft from the Cold War period.

This particular Airfix kit (Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG17F A03091) is quite a new tooling dating from 2019. Detail looks good and I like the option of the natural metal finish for the Soviet Air Force or the camouflaged North Vietnamese Air Force.

It is interesting to see that Airfix are re-boxing this kit as a LiM5 for release this year.

New to the stash – non Cold War

Airfix Henschel Hs123A-1 (Vintage Classics)

Airfix Henschel Hs123A-1 (Vintage Classics)

Two reasons for getting this kit, the first was because of nostalgia. I remember building this kit when I was a young child. I’m guessing a lot of the sales of the Airfix Vintage Classics range is based on nostalgia.

The second reason for buying this Henschel Hs123A was that it comes with the Condor Legion (Spanish civil war) markings. Back in 2019 I was given Airfix’s new JU-87 Stuka which also includes markings for the Condor Legion.

I thought the Hs123 and Ju87 in Condor Legion markings would make for a nice little diorama.

Airfix Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vc

Got this Spitfire Vc as a free gift when I subscribed to the Airfix Model magazine.

I know there was a lot of grumbling in the model making world when Airfix released yet another Spitfire. But I quite like building Spitfires when I want a break from jets.

This is a new tool (2020) and comes with some interesting marking options, both desert themed. I quite like desert camouflage schemes, so quite happy to include in my stash/collection.

May be a while before I build it, but no rush.

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