Quick look at Elhiem 1:72 (20mm) figures

In my quest to find some suitable figures to go with my Cold War builds, I came across a UK based company called Elhiem Figures. So this short blog post will be a quick look at Elhiem 1:72 (20mm) figures.

Elhiem do a great selection of Cold War period 1:72 figures, in pewter and resin. They also do them at what I consider a very reasonable price including postage costs.

Designed more for war gaming, not something that I currently do. They look like they would be suitable to be placed next to 1:72 model builds.

So with that in mind, I ordered 3 sets from Elhiem Figures just to see what they look like and what the quality is like.

BAOR08 British skirmishing with SLRs – Elhiem 1:72 (20mm) figures

Elhiem 1:72 (20mm) BAOR British infantry figures, front view.
Elhiem 1:72 (20mm) BAOR British infantry figures, rear view.

As you can see from the photos, the detail at this size and in this material looks quite good. Considering the price of £3.96 (as of November 2020), I think these are excellent value.

Yes they will need cleaning up a bit as they have some flash. But I think these will go well with my Revell Challenger 1 tank once I have it built.

I like them, they have character and the poses look natural.

CWR01 Soviet Rifleman in Y strap webbing with AK74s- Elhiem 1:72 (20mm) figures

Elhiem 1:72 (20mm) Soviet rifleman figures, front view.
Elhiem 1:72 (20mm) Soviet rifleman figures, rear view.

Have to have the ‘other side’ so also purchased a set of Soviet riflemen. They also cost £3.96 (price November 2020).

A little bit rougher in finish than the BAOR set, but again, with a little care in the clean up they will certainly look the part. Again some nice natural poses.

NAM01 US Army M16s Advancing – – Elhiem 1:72 (20mm) figures

Elhiem 1:72 (20mm) US Army in Vietnam figures, front view.
Elhiem 1:72 (20mm) US Army in Vietnam figures, rear view

Leaving central Europe I got a Vietnam set for the US Army. I’ve got the old JB Models M113 ACAV in the stash, and I thought these would complement it very well.

Same price as the other two sets, £3.96 (as of November 2020).

Cleaning up will be required as there is some flash. But detail looks good and again the poses look natural.

Conclusion – Elhiem 1:72 (20mm) figures

This is just a quick look at the Elhiem figures. But I like them and more importantly looking forward to painting them up.

Sometimes war gaming figures can be a bit chunky and over scale, but these look ok to me. The weapons may be a bit larger than any plastic or resin equivalent. But at the price you can get these figures, that is something I’m more than happy to over look.