New from Airfix 2024

A quick look at what is new from Airfix 2024 and concentrating on subjects that relate to the Cold War period.

As builders of the Cold War period, we have done quite well again. This quite a nice surprise considering the massive interest in World War 2.

So lets kick off with the only brand new release new from Airfix 2024 relating to the Cold War period.

New tool

1/72 A06023 Boeing Chinook HC.1

Quite a nice surprise to see this, but I can see why Airfix would add a Chinook to it’s collection. The Chinook has been heavily used by the RAF in many confrontations since it’s introduction in 1980. As this is the HC.1 version it does fall in the Cold War period of use.

This it comprises of 171 parts and will have 2 decal options. I suspect Falklands and Gulf War?

For more information and to pre-order visit the Airfix site.

Box art of Airfix 1/72Chinook HC.1

Vintage Classic range

A quick look at two Vintage Classic additions to the 2024 range.

1/72 A01033V Hawker P.1127

I was quite excited to see this Vintage Classic being re-released. I have a little project planned to build the single seat Harriers (Scalemates Project). In my mind the P1127 will be a great addition to this project.

Only being 37 parts, I don’t expect it to be a long build. But I would expect a lot of basic modelling skills will be required to make it look good.

You can find more details over on the Airfix site.

Box art of Airfix 1/72 Hawker P.1127

1/72 A03002V Bristol 192 Belvedere

So pleased to see this one. This was in my Top 10 Airfix Vintage Classic wish list which I wrote back in 2021.

This would make a great companion for the above Chinook. Although they difference in tool quality may be a bit obvious. However, it is a very important part of the RAF Cold War helicopter history, very pleased to see it back in the Airfix range.

The kit is only 50 parts and will come with two decal options, which I’m quite excited to see what Airfix select.

View details and price over on the Airfix site.

Box art of Airfix 1/72 Bristol 192 Belvedere

Re-releases for 2024

Some great re-releases from the Airfix back catalogue for 2024.

1/72 A04056A Westland Sea King HC.4

This tooling was first released in 2015. So getting on a bit now, but still a very welcome re-release. We are doing well for 1/72 Cold War period helicopters this year.

Comprising 133 parts and will come with 2 decal options. I’m going to guess a Falklands scheme and Gulf War scheme.

More details or to order visit the Airfix site.

Box art of Airfix 1/72 Westland Sea King HC.4

1/72 A02017B Supermarine Spitfire PR.XIX

Tooling for this Spitfire is quite new, being from 2019. I actually built this kit in 2020 (Spitfire XIX build). It was a nice little kit to build and one I’d be happy to do again. But the next build would be an RAF Spitfire. A kit I’d be quite happy to recommend.

The kit has 44 parts and will come with two decal options.

View this over on the Airfix site.

Box art of Airfix 1/72 Spitfire PR.XIX

1/72 A02103A Hunting Percival Jet Provost T.3/T.4

This delightful little kit, tooling dating from 2016 is another great addition to the 2024 Airfix range. I’ve built 3 of these little jets, and it is a nice little build (Build 1, build 2 and build 3). I have quite a few more in the stash, and will be building some more this year.

With 45 parts and two option schemes I can highly recommend this kit, especially for and new model makers.

To get yourself one, visit the Airfix site.

Box art of Airfix 1/72 Jet Provost T3/T4

1/72 A04067 Gloster Meteor F.8/FR.9

Not surprising seeing the FR.9 being released, as it was used as a Airfix Club members kit. A very young tool dating from 2022, and representing a very important aircraft for early Cold War RAF aviation. I can see this kit doing well.

A high part count for a 1/72 kit of 154 parts! It will come with two decal options.

Pop over to the Airfix site to get yourself this highly detailed kit.

Box art of Airfix 1/72 Gloster Meteor F.8/FR.9

1/72 A04003 Supermarine Swift FR.5

Glad that Airfix has re-released this 2015 tooling of the Swift. Not one of the greatest Cold War aircraft, but still an important one for the RAF during the Cold War. I do have this kit in my stash, hope to get around to building soon.

With 62 parts and two schemes (No. 79 Sqn, Royal Air Force Germany, Gutersloh, Germany, April 1956 and  No. II (AC) Sqn, Royal Air Force Germany, Jever, Germany, 1956), should be a quite quick fun build.

To add one, or two to your stash, pop over to the Airfix site.

Box art of Airfix 1/72 Swift FR.5

A03091A Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17F ‘Fresco’

A 2019 tool of a very popular kit. Maybe Airfix needs to consider making more of the MiG range from the Cold War period?

I’m currently close to finishing the earlier Airfix release of this kit. It’s been a nice build Any issues I’ve had so far have been down to me!. I also have the Dog Fight Double set Mig 17F Fresco Douglas A-4B Skyhawk in my stash.

With 87 parts and two decal options, a kit I can recommend.

For more info, visit Airfix.

Box art of Airfix 1/72 MiG-17F

1/48 A04105A de Havilland Chipmunk T.10/T.20

The only 1/48 re-release in this Cold War category. The tooling is quite recent from 2021 and it builds into a very smart looking kit (my Chipmunk build).

The engine build can be a bit fiddly, plus I made hard work of the cockpit canopy. But it is still a kit that I can highly recommend.

This was my first 1/48 build, and I’m very tempted to get myself another one.

If I did, I’d follow this link to the Airfix site 🙂

Box art of Airfix 1/48 Chipmunk.


For those of us that mainly build 1/72 RAF Cold War aviation, then we did very well from the new from Airfix 2024 catalogue. I did expect to see more 1/48 Cold War. Maybe Airfix will treat us like they did last year, by drip feeding releases through the year.

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