Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 bis by Stuart Fowle

Mikoyan Gurevich Mig-15 (Fagot)

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 bis by Stuart Fowle
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 bis by Stuart Fowle

The Mikoyan Gurevich Mig-15, the first jet to claim a jet verses jet kill, during the Korean war. The claim is that a Mig-15 (piloted by a Soviet pilot) brought down an F-80C, during an attack on a North Korean airfield. However, the USAF claim the F-80C was downed by ground fire. This is something I hope to investigate further, as it would make an ideal image for a drawing.

On a similar note, the first confirmed (by both sides) jet verses jet combat where a plane was brought down was on the 9th November 1950 when a F9F Panther of VF-111 shot down a Mig-15. Interesting insight about these episodes can be found at http://www.korean-war.com/ussraircombat.html.

History of the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15

Built around a copy and redesigned version of the British supplied Rolls Royce “Nene” jet engine, the Mig-15 was a nasty surprise to the West when it made its combat debut in the skies over North Korea.

The Mig-15 entered service with the Soviet air force in 1949, with and improved version, Mig-15bis following in 1950. A 2 seat trainer version, the Mig-15UTI followed into service soon after.

Mig-15’s first saw combat in the Chinese civil war, when a Russian piloted Mig-15 shot down a Nationalist P-38 Lightning.

However the Mig-15 is better known for its role in the Korean war, and the air battles fought in “Mig Alley”.

It was during the Korean war, that jet verses jet combat first occurred, and the Mig-15 is the first jet to have downed another, when a Soviet piloted Mig-15 shot down a USAF F-80C Shooting Star.

The Mig-15 has been used by many air forces and license built by Czechoslovakia and Poland.

The follow on for the MiG-15 was the MiG-17 Fresco



Speed Weight Span Length
589mph (cruise), 668mph (max) 8,115lb (empty), 13,500lb (max) 33ft 36ft 3in


Country Service Model Dates
Afghanistan Airforce Mig-15 1957 to 1980s
Albania Airforce Mig-15 1955 to 2000
Algeria Airforce Mig-15 1962 to ?
Angola Airforce and Air Defence Force Mig-15 ?
Bulgaria Airforce Mig-15 1951 to 1955
Burkina Faso Airforce Mig-15 ?
Cambodia Airforce Mig-15 1963 to 1968
People’s Republic of China Airforce and Navy Mig-15 1950s to 1990s
Republic of Congo Airforce Mig-15 ?
Cuba Airforce Mig-15 1960 to 1998
Czechoslovakia Airforce Mig-15 1953 to ?
East Germany Airforce Mig-15 1956 to 1990
Egypt Airforce Mig-15 1955 to 1980s
Finland Airforce Mig-15 UTI ? to 1975
Guinea Airforce Mig-15 ?
Guinea-Bissau Airforce Mig-15 ?
Hungary Airforce Mig-15 ?
Indonesia Airforce Mig-15 ?
Iraq Airforce Mig-15 1958 to 1991
Laos Airforce Mig-15 1977 to 1980s
Libya Airforce Mig-15 ?
Mali Airforce Mig-15 ?
Mongolia Airforce Mig-15 1950s to 1990s
Morocco Airforce Mig-15 ?
Mozambique Airforce Mig-15 ?
Nigeria Airforce Mig-15 ?
North Korea Airforce Mig-15 1950 to 1975
Vietnam (North) Airforce Mig-15 ?
North Yemen Airforce Mig-15 ?
Pakistan Airforce Mig-15 ?
Poland Airforce and Navy Mig-15 ?
Romania Airforce Mig-15 ?
Somalia Airforce Mig-15 ?
Soviet Union Airforce and Air Defence Force Mig-15 1948 to 1970s
Sri Lanka Airforce Mig-15 ?
Sudan Airforce Mig-15 ?
Syria Airforce Mig-15 Late 1950 to 1967
Tanzania Airforce Mig-15 ?
Uganda Airforce Mig-15 ?
Yemen Airforce Mig-15 ?

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