Another Airfix 1/72 Jet Provost T.4

Yes! another Airfix 1/72 Jet Provost T.4 build. But this blog post is more of a little chat about this useful little kit.

I’ve already done 2 previous posts that document the build of this kit, one as a Red Pelican and another in an exotic Arabian scheme, so no need to go down that route again.

No, this is more of a chat about this kit being very useful. I was lucky as I’ve still got 3 more of these in my stash (thanks Aldi UK), plus 3 T.3’s. So plenty more build opportunities.

It’s a cracking little kit, that is ideal for beginners to modelling, plus for the more experienced, as it does lend itself to some additional detailing.

For a beginner it goes together very quickly. The only area to watch is when fitting the cockpit tub. It needs some sanding and trimming to allow the front of the 2 fuselage halves to join without a gap in the nose area. So far, on the 3 I have built, this has always required filling.

Also for the beginner, the undercarriage is such a simple affair. No fiddly or weak legs, no undercarriage doors to fit. The option to have an open or closed cockpit is nice in a kit at this price range. The ejection seat hand pulls are moulded in to the seat headrests. So some nice little touches.

For someone with more experience, they have the opportunity to improve the navigation lights in the wingtip tanks. This could be done by cutting the tip off, and then adding some clear plastic sanded and shaped as clear light fitting. I may pluck up the courage to try this on my next Jet Provost build.

OK, I’ll admit, this has not been one of my better builds. Messed up with the masking on this one, think the photos make it look worse. Plus, I didn’t add enough nose weight so I’ve got a tail sitter. Considering I’ve built this twice before, you would think I’d get that part right!

However, really pleased with how well I reduced the seam lines, very happy with the result on those.

Another Airfix 1/72 Jet Provost T.4 (Photos)

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