Italeri 1/72 F4U-7 Corsair (No 1313) build.

The completed Italeri 1/72 F4U-7 Corsair model.

This Italeri 1/72 F4U-7 Corsair is another kit picked up on Ebay, and hopefully at a decent price.

Kit went together quite well, again if any issues, then that would be down to my lack of skill. Being one colour, it was also another useful airbrushing exercise, which didn’t quite go to plan.

Anyway, on with the build photos.

The box art

Box art for the Italeri 1/72 F4U-7 Corsair.

Nice attractive and dramatic box art. Those Suez markings are really nice, but didn’t go for that scheme.

The decals

Decal options for the Italeri 1/72 F4U-7 Corsair.

As with kits of this age, not many decals, just the main ones. Register etc., all looked good, so was happy to use them.

Kit contents

Kit contents for the Italeri 1/72 F4U-7 Corsair.

The Italeri 1/72 F4U-7 Corsair kit contents, as you see, not too much to put together.


Work in progress on the Italeri 1/72 F4U-7 Corsair.

Construction started, using a mix of Hataka and Vallejo paints.

Work in progress on the Italeri 1/72 F4U-7 Corsair.

Checking seam lines with black paint. Took a while to get them to not show.

Filling gaps on the Italeri 1/72 F4U-7 Corsair.

That seam line on the front half of the fuselage took some work to get rid of. I even made up some liquid plastic by melting bits of sprue in liquid poly glue.

Getting ready to prime the Italeri 1/72 F4U-7 Corsair.

Finally got it to a stage where I could give it a coat of primer. Canopy also masked, and gun barrels also cut off, to be replaced with metal wire.

Getting ready to prime the Italeri 1/72 F4U-7 Corsair, bottom side.

Underside ready for primer.

Italeri 1/72 F4U-7 Corsair primed, top half.

Top primed using Halfords Grey car primer. Gives a good hard coat of paint.

Italeri 1/72 F4U-7 Corsair primed, bottom half.

Bottom with a nice coat of primer.

Pre-shading on the Italeri 1/72 F4U-7 Corsair,

Because I had (for me) a success at pre-shading my earlier Spitfire build (Spitfire PR.XIX). I thought I’d give it a go on this Corsair.

Italeri 1/72 F4U-7 Corsair painted and ready for decals.

Unfortunately, I was a bit heavy handed with spraying the Vallejo 71.295 USN Sea Blue so lost all the pre-shading that I did. Still getting to grips with airbrushing, knowing when to stop seems to be the problem.

The finished kit



During this build I used a number of products, that you also may find useful. To start with, fillers are something every model maker requires, and the 2 that I find the best are Vallejo Plastic Putty and Standard Milliput Yellow-Grey.

For masking I use Tamiya 10mm tape and Tamiya 3mm tape plus when reuired standard decorating tape. I always, well nearly always, take some of the stickiness from the tape by sticking it to my trousers before applying to the models painted surface. Another masking product that I use is the Vallejo Liquid Mask.

The USN Sea Blue was Vallejo 71.295 , which sprayed quite well. The interior green was from the Hataka RAF in Africa acrylic paint set (AS08). I’ve had mixed results when spraying Hataka paints, but that may be more down to my ineperience.


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