Easy Model Ah-1F 1/72nd Scale

Title: Easy Model AH-1F 1/72nd Model


Not having time these days to build my own kits, I have been looking into buying ready made options. Initially I looked at die-cast models, but the price of new ones, make them quite expensive to collect. Therefore I did some searching on the web and found “Easy Model”, who produce scale models in plastic.

The model I purchased was an AH-1F “Cobra”, which is described as German, however as there are no national markings on the model, I’ll have to take Easy Models word on that.

It is actually a very nice model, and quite fine in construction. It is certainly not a toy, as it would not take much to break it.


Very nice 1/72nd scale reproduction, and certainly captures the look of the AH-1. Plenty of detail for it to be a display item.


Some mould lines still visible, but I guess this is inevitable on a mass produced product. Seems a bit sparse on markings and decals. But I must admit, I’ve not researched the markings on Luftwaffe AH-1’s yet.

Round Up

Would I buy another “Easy Model” kit, yes. It has to be judged for what it is. A quite well detailed model of the aircraft in question. It certainly looks nice on display. As with all plastic models, it needs to be handled with care. For the price (slightly a bit more than some un-made kits) I feel it is quite good value for money.

Would be interesting to add your own weathering to the kit, to make it slightly more unique.